Shhhh. Can you keep a secret?

I’ve discovered something amazing.

Across the pond. I saw lights and couldn’t resist going to explore.

As I got closer, it hit me. The sounds. The sights.

The incredible aromas. He’s setting up a laboratory of flavors and strange experiences. It’s like a wonderland. “It’s… uhm... Iceconic…,” he whispered.

Should we check it out?



Dreaming about your own magic ice cream shop?

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Sint Pieters Nieuwstraat 9

9000 Gent (BE)


We hebben 2 locaties waar je Iceconic deze zomer kan vinden:

Superjump Geel
Antwerpseweg 69, 2440 Geel


Sommar Antwerpen
Rijnkaai 104, 2000 Antwerpen